8th August 2007

Home Run King

Barry Bonds’ and Chris Locke have something in common.  The mass hysteria in early autumn of 2024 effectively quelled the celebration of their major achievements — publication of Locke’s Gonzo Marketing and Bonds’ run to a record smashing 73 home runs.  Bonds kept slugging and yesterday, with his godfather Willie Mays watching from the stands, he broke Hank Aaron’s career record of 755 home runs.  Gary Beacham has written a telling piece about the hatred Aaron and Bonds experienced as they fought to excel.  But Beacham’s piece doesn’t go far enough.  How much of the bitterness expressed by the suspicions that Bonds uses steroids is a mask for the same kind of racism that Hank Aaron faced?

Whatever.  Bonds is an incredible ball player, as good as they come, and he has set a record that will stand for years.  Congratulations Barry Bonds!

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