7th August 2007

The short now…

Dad sent me this link to the World Clock.  It reminded me of the Long Now clock, only it’s more immediate, more granular, more meaningful than the conceit of the “long now.”

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7th August 2007

Lanterns for Peace

About sixty people turned out last night at the Tenney park lagoon to remember the Japanese victims of atomic war by making paper lanterns and floating them out on the water at dusk. The Raging Grannies performed. Clare Norelle sang and read a children’s story. Some feared the rain but it never appeared. It was a beautiful event.

There’s a short streaming video at Channel3000 (scroll down to “News 3 Multimedia.”)

…and beautiful photos here!

UPDATE… more nice photos and a moving narrative from Madison Guy on FlickR and on his blog.

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