12th August 2007

Yo… Ronni Bennett

Ronni’s been at Gnomedex but she didn’t blog it herself. Her presentation was streamed, but I can’t find a copy of it yet. Tris Hussey shared a few notes here. PC Mechanic covered her presentation here. William Smith at Sugar Attack shared this picture. She got a nice nod in the Seattle Post Intelligencer online article. Notes by Matthew Gifford

Going Like Sixty says:

So I was twittering on the laptop and watching the live stream of Gnomedex (what a bunch of propeller heads) and chatting on the desktop.

Ronni Bennett from As Time Goes By was one of the speakers, and of course she was the only one I missed. I tuned out pretty early from some of the others. Those are available on youtube.com. Ronni Bennett is not. They talk to people in the hallway and that’s available. Ronni Bennett is not. The have video of the party, but not Ronni Bennett’s presentation.

If I was Ronni Bennett and hate ageism as much as she does, I’d be writing about it. We’ll see.

Francine Hardaway has a little video clip titled “Was Gnomedex Worth It?”

I haven’t been to Gnomedex since they left Des Moines. Maybe next year.

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12th August 2007

Arts and Letters

Gee dad, it’s a Pulitzer!

… and sort of on the same level of things I missed because I just wasn’t paying enough attention:

National Underwear Day (It does, after all, evoke the care-free spirit of Sixties ‘happenings,’ when free spirits took control of public spaces as venues for their art…).

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