My Andrew

Something vaguely creepy about the name of this service at Carnegie Mellon.

If you wondered where she went…

 Well, just have a look here.

I am confident. I am loved. I am, I know, tolerably good at my work. At times, however, this knowledge is not enough to cool the sting of rejection.  One should be used to it. One should take succour from others’ similar stories.  I am, after all, but one in a growing dysthymic army of persons who do not have (nor indeed favour) actual “jobs”. The maw of capital finds us easier to swallow, of course, if we are only temporarily and casually bobbing on its lips. And, frankly, I do not wish to be digested by any modern company. No. Fuckit. The forest of policy and the maze of doublespeak is too much, particularly for anyone who loves words, to bear.

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Did McAfee clobber my Firefox?

This computer came with a McAfee license and McAfee has been bullying me since the first time I turned the machine on. I just took an automatic download of this highly touted security software and now Firefox doesn’t work. I uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled the latest and greatest version and it still doesn’t work. I turned off all the “personal firewall” hoot on McAfee and it still doesn’t work. I hesitate to uninstall the entire McAfee package, because frankly the licensing nuances escape me and I don’t have any media here to reinstall from. Woe is me.

UPDATE:  I blew away the accursed McAfee software and I now I have my Firefox and IE browsers back.

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Bergman’s gone

Ingmar Bergman died.  Something about losing a chess game.

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It’s Alive!

You can’t drink just six.

And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven
heads, with ten diadems on its horns and blasphemous names on its heads.

Join the conversation. You too could make good money on eBay.

You can flip the pictures.

Watch the trailer before commenting. 

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Cell Phone Text Messaging

Here’s a handy list of SMS/text messaging gateways via Christina Schulman.

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Could be cool

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The above quick and dirty post followed a quick and dirty installation. I’m going to add ScribeFire to all my Firefox browsers and see if I can learn to use it as the default post editor.