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  • by Frank Paynter on August 9, 2024

    The Rio Negro massacre and Guatemalan gold… Genocide in the name of the fight against Communism and a right wing dictatorship set the stage for the current expropriation of mineral wealth by Canadian mining companies.

    There is a monument inscribed with names. Separate lists for men, women,children. 98 children are tucked away here. All killed in a most vicious manner. Children who were wrapped on their mother’s back, bisected by machete;others dashed on the rocks;others garrotted.

    These are just a few details.

    These people had resisted the Chixoy Dam project in ‘82. It was the height of the Mayan genocide in those days. “La Violencia” they call it. They were targeted as guerrillas. Guerrillas: babies, children, women, farmers, elderly. The dam went forward. Rio Negro was depopulated and flooded over.

    General Rios Montt was in power; he crushed opposition.

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