do you compare steadiness with the color of jute?

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  • by Frank Paynter on August 9, 2024

    Ronni Bennett’s at Gnomedex.  She’s speaking tomorrow, Friday the 10th, live via streaming something-or-other at 2:30 Pacific Time.   This week while she’s away, several bloggers are filling in for her.  My contribution is posted today at Time Goes By.

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    Joared 08.11.07 at 2:12

    Enjoyed your post at TGB. Will look forward to more any time in the future. Also, will be interested in what new endeavors tweak your interest.

    zo 08.11.07 at 2:59

    We have to discuss this. What year were you born. If need be, I will lie lie lie.

    Fuckin’ elder-blogger? I don’t theenk so. Besides, wouldn’t I flunk “mature”?

    Nuff said.

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