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    [Update: October 18, 2024: the following info is clipped from the Technorati blog. It explains the data they provide. (I have not been capturing the fourth datum in my record, but maybe I’ll start doing that so I have some indicator of growth, even as the rank slips).

    We display four count-related numbers in just this little part of the page. Here’s what they mean:

    * Rank 1,375:the number of blogs, plus one, that have more than 1,005 blogs linking to them

    * 1,919 links: the number of links pointing at this URL in the last 180 days
    * 1,005 blogs: the number of distinct blogs pointing at this URL in the last 180 days
    * 3,149 links: the total number of links we found pointing at this blog, ever

    End update.]

    Stowe Boyd began an experiment in mindful traffic growth almost three months ago. Stowe started his /Messages blog with a Technorati rank of 1,088,376 (zero links from zero sources). Since I’ve been dithering and testing here for about a year, I actually have 4 links from 2 sites (one of them mine) and a Technorati rank of 864,574. That’s a head start. Between now and June 30, I will do what I can to migrate from TypePad to WordPress, from Sandhill Trek rel. 2.0 to Sandhill Trek rel. 3.0 - now at

    Just as a benchmark the ‘rati data on Sandhill rel. 2.0 are:

    Technorati Rank: 9,200 (580 links from 161 sites), or 10,807 (448 links from 142 sites) depending on how you form the URL. The old Radio blog that saw its last post in December of 2024 ranks 313,538 (14 links from 9 sites).

    So let’s call today day one, even though there will be much hammering and sawing, shouted obscenities, and all the other dust and background noise associated with building the sets. And let’s see where we are by mid-summer. I’m sure there will be some cross posting the first month or so, but ultimately, the goal is to provide a higher quality blog from a more intentional blogger and cut out some of the middle-men whose performance problems turn into my own.
    Arbitrary day one… 3/29/2006: Technorati rank of 864,574


    Technorati Rank: 503,701 (15 links from 5 sites). Considering alternatives to WordPress posting interface. Link-lists are on the to-do list.

    Looking for a way to collapse link lists… having a problem with the Codex.
    Updated sidebar to include recent comments.


    Technorati Rank: 503,672 (15 links from 5 sites).


    Technorati Rank: 440,100 (21 links from 6 sites). Picked up a free sitemeter account. These are the data I’m used to, so until and unless listics becomes a commercial venture and I need better numbers, these will have to do.


    Technorati Rank: 313,422 (27 links from 9 sites). David Weinberger gave me a copy of his homegrown blog post creation utility. This looks delightful and will no doubt acquaint me with Visual Basic debugging!


    Technorati Rank: 219,659 (35 links from 13 sites). Added the bookmark plugin. Want to be able to pass the post title to in the description. Maybe later…


    Technorati Rank: 203,778 (40 links from 14 sites).


    Technorati Rank: 129,981 (49 links from 21 sites). Installed the “Feedburner” plug-in and lost sight of the subscribers on bloglines with public profiles. Now I can see the number of subscribers via Feedburner, but half of those have public profiles and now I can’t see their names. I’m also a little baffled about the RSS 0.9x and the Atom feeds. If someone does a discovery on the site, can they subscribe via those formats?

    April 9, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 123,117 (52 links from 22 sites)

    April 11, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 111,195 (56 links from 24 sites)

    April 12, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 112,180 (56 links from 24 sites) hmmm, slip-sliding away from progress.

    April 14, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 118,263 (59 links from 23 sites) this number hasn’t changed for a few days and I’m writing to Technorati to get a clue about how this is calculated. To wit… I’m writing to inquire about the “Technorati Rank” function. I am “doing a Stowe Boyd” — that is bringing up a new blog and tracking progress by improvement in Technorati Rank. Recently a linker asked why his link didn’t show up in my “blogs that link here” listing. I don’t know the answer to that, but perhaps as importantly, I’m concerned regarding the fact that while my inbound linkage has been fairly dynamic over the last several days, the “Technorati Rank” yesterday and today has remained: Technorati Rank: 118,263 (59 links from 23 sites). What can you tell me about how to improve this number?

    April 15, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 112,858 (63 links from 24 sites)

    April 18, 2024

    Technorati Rank: 147,901 (51 links from 19 sites). This is going the wrong way.

    April 20, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 102,525 (71 links from 26 sites)

    April 22, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 98,488 (73 links from 27 sites). Hoo, boy! Emerged into the “top 100,000.” Other notable stuff… I had my first comment spammer here. I parried by throwing all comments containing a certain keyword into the moderation queue. This will narrow the conversation around that keyword, at least for now, but how many people actually want to discuss “horsenfetzerglibble?” I decided against Qumana as a desktop post editor, at least for now. I need to be able to stage posts through the draft queue, and Qumana is only set up to publish directly into the blog. Anconia’s RocketPost seems to meet my needs, but it isn’t free.

    April 23, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 94,315 (74 links from 28 sites). RocketPost ate a post, and I tried Zoundry but couldn’t upload drafts, so I’m looking at BlogJet now, and it looks okay but I haven’t been able to get the FTP part working….

    April 24, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 90,399 (78 links from 29 sites). I’ve made smaller the font in the sidebars and adjusted the spacing there too. With the understanding that a blog is always a work in prog, I think that I’m about ready to throw open the doors for a grand opening of sorts.

    April 27, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 83,539 (83 links from 31 sites)

    April 30, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 77,532 (87 links from 33 sites). I’ve been wasting time trying to figure out how to display permalinks in comments so bloggers can link directly to smart things other people say in response to my posts. I’m also interested in a better format for my links page, and in finding a way to quickly add new links… like a blogrolling alternative. Wha? Hey! I could use blogrolling! Also need to continue migration of Sandhill one and two content into this database. I’m dying to let my Berbee account go, but don’t want to until I know that what I have over there has been migrated.

    May 4, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 72,454 (93 links from 35 sites)

    May 6, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 63,407 (109 links from 39 sites)

    May 8, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 56,053 (120 links from 43 sites)

    With opening of the Share Your OPML site, I gave another thought to the syndication soup. Listics has its feeds pointed at Feedburner. Feedburner says there are several dozen subscribers. In the old days, when I was just as clueless, but didn’t have my syndication mediated by a service, I could see the names of subscribers who chose to make themselves known. Now I can not. A Feedburner benefit seems to lie in the aggregation of the number of subscribers, and data regarding which aggravator they use to read the blog. But the drawback seems to be that lack of detail.

    Is there anybody reading this that can tell me more about my choices? What would happen to those who subscribed through Feedburner if I turned it off? Logic tells me to enable multiple feeds, including the Feedburner one, then people would have some choices.

    May 10, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 49,937 (127 links from 47 sites)

    May 12, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 48,454 (132 links from 48 sites). Spent some time last night with Google Analytics, an amazingly rich trffic analysis package, and free at my present traffic load. In a month or two I’ll have to add Google AdSense to keep getting it for free, but then there is always the possiblity that I will get some cash back to offset the vanity press costs associated with keeping a blog.

    May 14, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 47,165 (137 links from 49 sites)

    May 19, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 45,934 (139 links from 50 sites)

    May 21, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 41,630 (146 links from 54 sites)

    May 24, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 39,854 (153 links from 56 sites)

    May 27, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 38,092 (161 links from 58 sites)

    May 30, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 35,750 (167 links from 61 sites)

    June 5, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 39,004 (180 links from 65 sites)

    June 7, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 38,832 (180 links from 65 sites)

    June 9, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 37,411 (189 links from 67 sites)

    June 11, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 36,898 (196 links from 68 sites)

    June 13, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 36,329 (201 links from 69 sites)

    June 16, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 35,776 (205 links from 70 sites)

    June 21, 2024: No real progress in building traffic for three weeks. This is likely because my content has been unremarkable, my outreach has been tongue-in-cheek at best, and the time I have had available has been minimal. Or, as that kid said, “Dude, your blog sucks.”

    Technorati Rank: 35,939 (216 links from 70 sites)

    June 26, 2024: My dog got hit by a car, a wonderful blogging friend died this weekend, and I just got back from bloggercon 4. No wonder my ‘rati rank improved.

    Technorati Rank: 33,204 (231 links from 75 sites)

    June 30, 2024: Arbitrarily this would be about and around the 90th day. I haven’t actively polled friends who haven’t changed links. I haven’t migrated as much content as I intend to migrate. And basically, except for my silliness with McD, I haven’t been as dynamic a link whore as I need to be. Here’s where the ‘rati rank stands today. I wonder what it will be in another three months…

    Technorati Rank: 32,746 (251 links from 76 sites)

    July 1, 2024:

    Technorati Rank: 31,838 (256 links from 78 sites)

    July 4, 2024: Technorati Rank: 31,374 (265 links from 79 sites)

    July 5, 2024: Technorati Rank: 30,949 (271 links from 80 sites)

    July 12, 2024: Technorati Rank: 28,080 (283 links from 87 sites)

    July 16, 2024: Technorati Rank: 25,164 (321 links from 97 sites)

    July 17, 2024: Technorati Rank: 24,743 (324 links from 98 sites)

    July 19, 2024: Technorati Rank: 24,332 (339 links from 102 sites)

    July 22, 2024: Technorati Rank: 22,924 (351 links from 107 sites)

    July 30, 2024: Technorati Rank: 21,545 (385 links from 113 blogs)

    August 1, 2024: Technorati Rank: 20,116 (414 links from 120 blogs)

    August 2, 2024: Technorati Rank: 19,533 (425 links from 123 blogs)

    August 3, 2024: Technorati Rank: 19,147 (436 links from 125 blogs)

    August 4, 2024: Technorati Rank: 18,799 (441 links from 127 blogs)

    August 5, 2024: Technorati Rank: 18,625 (451 links from 128 blogs) I checked my Google page rank. I think it was a seven on the old Sandhill site. It’s a five here right now.

    August 6, 2024: Technorati Rank: 18,303 (464 links from 130 blogs) … the obsession continues.

    August 7, 2024: Technorati Rank: 18,148 (485 links from 131 blogs)

    August 10, 2024: Technorati Rank: 17,163 (490 links from 131 blogs)

    September 2, 2024: Technorati Rank: 16,972 (587 links from 144 blogs) … slowing down.

    September 4, 2024: Technorati Rank: 16,658 (606 links from 147 blogs)

    September 6, 2024: Technorati Rank: 16,349 (611 links from 150 blogs)

    September 7, 2024: Technorati Rank: 16,214 (615 links from 151 blogs)

    September 8, 2024: Technorati Rank: 15,959 (621 links from 153 blogs) … finally out the 16,000s

    September 12, 2024: Technorati Rank: 15,881 (629 links from 154 blogs)

    September 13, 2024: Technorati Rank: 15,301 (637 links from 154 blogs)

    September 24, 2024: Technorati Rank: 15,247 (673 links from 164 blogs) … scooching up ever so slowly, 5 steps a day. Why, at this rate I’ll be in the top 100 by sometime in 2024!

    September 25, 2024: Technorati Rank: 15,167 (669 links from 165 blogs)

    October 3, 2024: Technorati Rank: 15,092 (653 links from 167 blogs)

    October 4, 2024: Technorati Rank: 14,923 (651 links from 169 blogs) six months and I managed to slide inside the “top” 15,000.

    October 5, 2024: Technorati Rank: 14,807 (653 links from 171 blogs)

    October 18, 2024: Technorati Rank:16,643 (602 links from 158 blogs) puzzling how I manage to slide while my hit count is going up.

    October 22, 2024: Technorati Rank:14,558 (689 links from 171 blogs) 759 total blog links, ever.

    October 26, 2024: Technorati Rank: 13,238 (606 links from 158 blogs) 764 total blog links, ever.

    October 27, 2024: Technorati Rank: 12,018 (685 links from 172 blogs) 764 total blog links, ever. A few days ago I received a fresh link from AKMA. It never showed up in Technorati. I’m happy that my numbers are improving, but what does it mean — both objectively, and in the deeper more philosophical sense?

    November 27, 2024: Technorati Rank: 17,849 (672 links from 175 blogs) 828 total blog links, ever. I think Technorati is quite bogus.

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