Make of this what you will…

Beth says it’s a cliche at best.


Listics progress…

Work continues on my new site.  You are invited to drop in, leave a comment, subscribe, whatever…  Sometime in the next few weeks Sandhill Trek rel. 2.0, this site, will be frozen and Sandhill Trek rel. 3.0 will be born at LISTICS.COM

Time for an update…

Don’t get me wrong.  Franklin D. is the man.  But the part about "all citizens" needs to be broadened so that our friends and neighbors who live here in hopes of one day being full citizens are granted the rights we take for granted.


Travel Day

Cherry blossoms in the afternoon.


Melody Ralls was sharp enough to use a widget-centric layout in this theme. Nevertheless, when I hauled down the new WordPress Widget plug-in last night, I discovered tyhat it wasn’t that easy to simply re-widgetize everything. OTOH, reading the readme.txt of these plug-ins is an education in itself!

Jeneane just wants to have fun…

What I don’t get is this: I decide I’m going to move and here a year later I’m just starting to get in gear. Jeneane decides she’s going to move like yesterday, and already she has a site layout that’s dope and makes mine look like some kind of 1999 HTML brochureware thingie.

All sour grapes aside, she has a really funny captioned slide show from SXSW that makes it worth the price of admission.  Welcome to WordPress J!  It’s about time!

Cherry Blossom Time…

Today is the peak bloom date for the cherry blossoms in DC.  Tomorrow will be high color too, I’m sure.  And that is a wonderful thing, because I’ll be there.  If it isn’t raining cats and dogs, I hope to get a few snapshots.

Where TypePad excels…

The post creation panels at TypePad are so friendly, so obvious. I’m really going to miss them. I haven’t figured out how to easily flip back and forth between HTML and WYSIWYG here on WordPress. I wonder if a third party tool like Qumana will iron out any of these wrinkles?

Update:  there is a whole page of WordPress documentation given to “client” alternatives.  I might as well start with Qumana!  There are some great bloggers who swear by it.  At least I think Jeneane swears by it… she probably still swears by it but how can you tell, faced with the blogspot white screen of blahhh.