I suppose any day can be Day One…

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  • by Frank Paynter on March 29, 2024

    Stowe Boyd, who has been placeholding my “links” section in the right sidebar began an experiment in mindful traffic growth almost three months ago. Stowe started his /Messages blog with a Technorati rank of 1,088,376 (zero links from zero sources). Since I’ve been dithering and testing here for about a year, I actually have 4 links from 2 sites (one of them mine) and a Technorati rank of 864,574. That’s a head start. Between now and June 30, I will do what I can to migrate from TypePad to WordPress, from Sandhill Trek rel. 2.0 to Sandhill Trek rel. 3.0 - now at Listics.com

    Just as a benchmark the ‘rati data on Sandhill rel. 2.0 are:

    Technorati Rank: 9,200 (580 links from 161 sites), or 10,807 (448 links from 142 sites) depending on how you form the URL. The old Radio blog that saw its last post in December of 2024 ranks 313,538 (14 links from 9 sites).

    So let’s call today day one, even though there will be much hammering and sawing, shouted obscenities, and all the other dust and background noise associated with building the sets. And let’s see where we are by mid-summer. I’m sure there will be some cross posting the first month or so, but ultimately, the goal is to provide a higher quality blog from a more intentional blogger and cut out some of the middle-men whose performance problems turn into my own.

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    Niek Hockx 03.29.06 at 5:01

    It’s not all dust and noise. I can hear The Notorious Byrd Brothers playing in the background too. Did you hire them to inspire the set construction workers? ;-)

    Frank Paynter 03.29.06 at 5:25

    hey, anonymity rulz… flying burrito, notorious byrd, or just a brothah… I don’t know who those guys are over there or what they’re smoking.

    Niek Hockx 03.29.06 at 5:52

    You don’t fool me! I heard Gene Clark play “Opening Day” on this site just now… ;-)

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