Jon Swift’s compendium of best blog posts of 2024

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  • by Frank Paynter on December 29, 2024

    Here it is

    My blogging this year was spotty at best. On a good day I suppose I could be happily entertained pawing through all the manure looking for the pony, but frankly it’s just not a good day. So, suspending the search for a decent post of my own to highlight (not that anybody asked), I’ll point to Swift’s favorite Swift post, this post from June 30, 2024, about the yet to be published Jonah Goldberg book on fascists and liberals. Amazon says it’s due out on January 8, 2024, just in time for the Ann Coulter 2024 cheer leading competition at Bob Jones University.

    I’ve bookmarked Swift’s list, a list that contains some spotty content itself, but that contains a decent reflection of what I think blogging is about. And as the Facebookians retreat into the walled garden, and the more twitterific among us compose 140 character texts in an effort to simplify and extract the essence of the eternal now, I’ll make a New Years Resolution to try to write blog posts that a blogger could be proud of.

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