Best American Sports Writing

Ben Paynter received notable mention in the book Best American Sports Writing of 2024. His story, Don’t Look Down, documents the challenges faced by the outlaw subculture of “urban explorers.”

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The Long Tail

The Long Tail, originally uploaded by Jeffrey.

“Bye-bye Mr. Internex. I have to go play in the Facebook now.”

Have you voted yet?

Denise Howell, who invented the term “blawg,” is in the running for high honors on the ABA Journal’s Top 100 Blawgs.

Denise’s post regarding this and other honors is here…

People can vote for her blog here…

Vote early, vote often. Bag & Baggage was six years old yesterday. Time does fly, whether you’re having fun or not. One of the reasons I love Denise is that she knows how to have fun. Also because she’s whip-smart. And did I mention good lookin’? Slap me, I’m a fool.

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Kindles and Chumbys and iPhones

Oh my.

Ed Yourdon shares his initial impressions of the Kindle here. The New York Times hosts an interesting discussion of “Kindle 2.0″ and other hand-held utility devices here. For iPhone info I refer you to Fake Steve.

And then there’s Chumby.

Looks like it will be quite a race…

New brooms sweep clean

One day on an ambulance mission, we yield as a house-toppling Caterpillar bulldozer passes through the Saha area near the Camp’s entrance. It is escorted by a tank in front, and an armored personnel carrier behind. The flat top of the last vehicle is littered with stones, with an empty cola bottle where you would expect a headlight. And there, tucked into a crevice on top, is a handle-less broom. To clean up after the destruction? This little reminder of home economics looks so foreign in the heaving parade of metallic hardware, and so innocent with its blue, yellow, and red fringes. It is quickly lost in the black smoke spewed out to mask the vehicle and cause confusion.

I understand that Molotov cocktails for urban use are more effective if fashioned from cardboard milk cartons. While a wine bottle can be expected to shatter on impact with a tank or an APC, a milk carton assures a better spread of gasoline in situations where a wine bottle might simply roll across the floor.


At breakfast, salesmen eat pallid eggs and make notes on their PowerPoint decks with cheap hotel pens.

For those, like me, who are too scattered to find RSS aggregators very useful, this note: Dervala writes this week about Anaheim.

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