7th December 2007

Child Abuse in Texas

Teaching Creationism and Intelligent Design in the public schools constitutes child abuse. These lies frame the myth of a jealous and vengeful god, a heaven for believers and a horror story of hell for non-believers. Fundamentalists who pervert their childrens’ understanding by bringing their bizarre beliefs into the public eye have been tolerated long enough. Let their myths, their infantile belief systems, and their power structures be held up to public scrutiny. Let the half crazed minority of believers in these matters withdraw unto themselves and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy peaceful progress and a humane understanding of the universe as an environment not without challenges, but a rational place lit by our own love and not threatened by awful prophecies of Armageddon, not inclusive of eternal damnation and a fiery hell for people who believe dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years before humans appeared.

The State of Texas science curriculum is in the process of being perverted by these child abusers, these people who would strike such fear into the hearts of children that they are unable to behave rationally and with love. Here is an NPR interview with the recently fired Director of Science at the Texas Education Agency. More information here at the New York Times, here at the Houston Chronicle, and here at the Austin Statesman.

The Scopes “Monkey Trial” was held over 80 years ago. The fundamentalist christians lost. Evolution is simply a fact. It was a fact before the trial, and a jury confirmed it was common sense and that christian fundamentalism had no place in the science classroom. How can we convince these child abusers to leave us alone? How can we exclude people who believe the end times are upon us from public policy positions? How can we get their fingers off the triggers?

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7th December 2007

Ronni Returns

Ronni Bennett has been a daily blogger for years now at Time Goes By, and when she said her blog was going dark earlier this week it was the first time in my memory that I had heard that from her. I’m not surprised to see her re-emerge. I’m grateful. She’s my friend and I’m glad she’ll still be writing here in the blogs.

Pass the word. Ronni’s back.

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