4th December 2007

7secrets (justlikethat

Tagged to dig deep and reveal my inner-most bean…

First, the O’Neils lived next door to us when I was twelve and they had the best raspberries on Bridge Road (but not as many as they might have had if I hadn’t been such a raspberry gourmand).

b) Chuck was mean to my little brother and I’ve felt conflicted about my inadequate defense ever since. Chuck is now an Anglican priest in Kentucky, or he was the last I heard. This proves that even if you were born and raised fundamentalist, you can still beat up on people smaller than you and the grace of god may be given to you and you can climb the social ladder.

iii) I’m as mean as i ever was, but that’s no secret.

4) I read about the girls who were fighting at school and their odd interaction through MySpace with an anonymous mom chipping in and causing trouble and so forth, and I thought that I have no clue WTF is going on there, just as no one had a clue last spring when that troubled woman in Boulder and her mate used the PR power of the web to lash out and hurt people. I know how bad I felt though.

v. I don’t own my own tractor. I rent or borrow. Renting is cheaper, because if you borrow you have to come up with something nice to pay your neighbor back, and he won’t necessarily remember your attempts at finding the quid pro quo and so will probably think you owe him something anyway.

six I am a link whore, and Technorati exists to show me how bad business is on my street corner.

fin I think I would be happiest if I could simply be a food blogger. My Aunt Karen, Uncle Don’s wife, made the best red velvet cake. She had a secret recipe that she wouldn’t even share with Grandma.

do-over on iii) I like Google, I like Amazon, and my business, Sandhill Technologies, is a “Microsoft partner.” But then I also worked for Bank of America back in the day when the phrase “belly of the beast” was in common usage.

These tag deals usually require you to tag others in the hope that they will reveal seamy secrets of their own. “As if,” is the expected response from these tagstravaganzas, but just in case someone wants to grin and bare their souls, how about if we ask Helga, Ronni, Tamar, Norm, Doug, Winston, and Dean. Oh yeah, and Brian and Scruggs and Tom and Zo.

As if.

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