10th December 2007

Last Dance: Anita Rowland, Rest in Peace

Anita Rowland is one of the old-time websters. She’s been alive on the net for a good long time. Today Bill Humphries reports that cancer has finally taken her from us. Anita was my blogging friend. We never met face-to-face. But I had the chance to interview her five years ago and I was enriched by the experience. She was so alive!

My sincere sympathy to Jack Bell and the others she leaves behind. There are many of us out here who were touched by Anita. We’ll miss her too.


Anita’s husband, Jack Bell, asks those who knew Anita or whose life was touched by her in some way to leave a comment at his Live Journal, Antigravitas: http://jackwilliambell.livejournal.com/198715.html

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