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  • by Frank Paynter on October 5, 2024

    The pastor at dad’s church told this one this morning…

    A devout Baptist wanted to have a dog. He went shopping from kennel to kennel, but no one could sell him a Baptist dog. He went to the rescue shelter but they couldn’t really say that any of their dogs were Baptist either. Finally, he met a man who said he had a Baptist dog for sale. Seeking proof, the Baptist asked the seller to demonstrate why he thought his dog was a Baptist. Fine. They went to the man’s study and the man told the dog to bring him the Bible. The dog went over to the book shelves, looked back and forth, up and down, and finally extracted the Bible and carried it over to his master in his teeth. “Find the 23rd Psalm,” said the master, and the dog opened the book to that page.

    The Baptist was impressed. He bought the dog, took it home and at the first opportunity showed his friend the wonderful dog. The dog went through his routine, finding the Bible and opening to a selected verse. The friend said, “That’s a wonderful dog, but does he know any regular dog tricks?” The Baptist said, “Let’s find out.” Turning to the dog he said “Heel!” And the dog jumped up in his lap and put a paw on his forehead and began howling and barking.

    “Why that dog’s not a Baptist,” said the friend. “He’s Pentecostal.”

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