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  • by Frank Paynter on October 5, 2024

    I read Mort Reichek’s guest post at Ronni Bennett’s blog, Time Goes By, and I was impressed. I followed the link to his blog and I’m even more impressed. Mort is an old pro, a professional journalist who has been a writer and editor for some of the better publications in the US. I can’t say enough about how relevant, balanced, and generally interesting Ii found his blog, Octogenarian, to be.

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    JH 10.06.08 at 1:15

    Thanks for the link .. you’re right, seems like an interesting guy.

    Mort Reichek 10.06.08 at 3:31

    Thanks for your extremely kind remarks. You have succeeded in massaging a geriatric ego.

    Frank Paynter 10.06.08 at 10:03

    Mort, thank you for visiting. I’m glad to give you the well deserved compliment regarding your writing… clear, straight forward, understandable, engaging. What more can we ask for?

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