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  • by Frank Paynter on December 16, 2024

    Got the “away” presents all wrapped and packaged and ready for the trip to the USPO tomorrow morning in time to mail them off for the annual holiday of consumption celebration across this great land of ours. Meanwhile, took some crude measurements and decided if I reconfigure my workspace by moving my 36″ module to the west wall, move my narrow bookcase to where the 36″ module was, and move the big shelving unit from where the 36″ module is going to where the narrow bookcase is coming from, I’ll have better, more usable space in the office for the workbench and server lab set-up. But how do I get started?

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    Winston 12.17.07 at 6:13

    Either do as your tagline says. Or, think vertical. Some heavy duty hooks into the rafters or joists above, some ropes and pulleys, and voila… in no time you’ll have them all hoisted up out of the way and you can begin maneuvering them into the desired position. Use the cube.

    Bruce 12.17.07 at 7:07

    Don’t know. Better read a few blogs first.

    tamarika 12.18.07 at 6:05

    Will you show us a picture of the changes … later?

    Frank Paynter 12.18.07 at 6:33

    After I rearrange the furniture it’s likely to be tider in here than it has been in years. For sure I’ll a take a few pictures… hopefully before and after.

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