Scripting News Blogger of the Year

Dave Winer had a Blogger of the Year contest in 2001 and got so much negative push-back that he dropped the idea after that. Too bad. We need more places where people get positive strokes. This year he’s renewed the idea. Dave’s pick for Blogger of the Year — 2007 is Naked Jen. Congratulations, Jen!

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2 comments on “Scripting News Blogger of the Year
  1. bmo says:

    I was under the impression that Dave Winer was a good for nothing bully. I’ve never read the dude, but this little pick here ought to redeem him some points with all you little people. Non?

  2. Tree Shapiro says:

    He’s still a schmuck. Ever hear his voice? What a perv. Positive strokes, yeah.



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