Who is JonnyV?

At last the truth can be told. Jonny Vindaloo is a real smart cookie but at the end of the day he remains a fig newton of my imagination. I have a blog. It’s a hobby. I’m not interested in rigorous development standards so I have no “test system.” I’m experimenting on the fly, trying to redevelop the blog to meet current standards (like HTML5) and trying to integrate it with proprietary places like twitter and Facebook.

The last few days I was contriving a story about Jonny V. and me, but frankly, I’m bored. I need two authors (or more) to adequately test the blog, but it’s too tedious to continue the role play. Suffice it to say, I am Jonny V. and Jonny V. is me. I should have a stable blog here in a week or so. Maybe Jonny and I can have a blog warming party or something when we’ve ironed out the kinks.