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here we go again

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  1. Bugger the beef…where’s the gravy?

    Hey… Jon, Brian, Stu, and Bruce. And, of course, our proprietor. This is damned good company. And, look. Not a blog entry in sight.

    So this is what it’s like…

  2. This is a theme called “Just A Girl” by Melody Ralls. I looked long and hard for a three column layout that I could adapt. Melody made a good one. I wish it was called “Huge Stones” or “Manly Beer” or something. “Just a girl” is hard to admit to.

  3. ‘Tis looking great. A three column with a calendar and categories that work too. You can’t ask for much more.

    If you tip your hat when you admit that it’s ‘just a girl’, we won’t ask for a curtsy.

  4. Hi Cyndy! It’s work in progress of course… if you look over at the CREDITS at the bottom of the right sidebar and mouse over Melody’s name you’ll see that I’ve bowed to the author.

  5. Hi! I designed this theme before widgets became all the rage, and I have to admit, I’m widget-retarded anyway. I gotta tell you though, good job in adapting to fit your needs. Looks nice! You can also easily change the color of the menu buttons at the top, it’s in the stylesheet.

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