The Mercedes outside my window…

A man crossed too close to the little automotive artwork parked outside my window — perhaps he actually touched it — and he set off the alarm.  So, for a few minutes the well tuned horn of the Mercedes was blaring, depriving me of my ability to think and the less righteous among us of their morning’s sleep.  When the horn at last ceased blaring, I heard the sound of hoof beats, clop-clopping at a brisk walk up the street in this direction.  I turned to the window hoping to catch a glimpse of a mounted patrolman, but as it turned out I had mistaken the sound of two young women with shoes that sounded like steel shod hoofs on the pavement.   Stylish.

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4 comments on “The Mercedes outside my window…
  1. jeneane says:

    those brits–they know their fashion!

    pat a horsey for me frank!

  2. Winston says:

    I have recently been startled by that sound, emanating as it were, from the feets of babes. They seem to take great pride in the clatter created. Wonder if they have competition… Maybe categories like: Highest decibel level by an open toed wedgie; Most realistic horse hoof imitation; Most likely to cause old men to cry in pain, etc.

  3. clip-clop, clip-clop



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