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  • Over on twitter there is a practice known as Follow Friday.” Twitterers craft tweets and often tag them with the characters #ff (for Follow Friday). If you show up on a Follow Friday list you know that at least one twitterer likes your tweets, or respects you, or appreciates the links you share, or is stalking you, sucking-up or whatever. One hundred forty characters, the maximum length for a tweet, doesn’t permit a lot of nuance, but in general I’d say it pleases people to be on a #ff list.

    Here’s a short list of some blogs I’ve been reading, and/or twitterers whose tweets tickle me. Think of this as my prolix attempt to do a Follow Friday thing. Behind the wall, in the false security of Facebook “privacy,” there are some people I follow too. But Facebook is a walled garden, a private place that doesn’t conform to rulez of the internex, so I can’t really point you to their work. I can say that if you have a Facebook account today I recommend friending Kat Herding and Mike Golby. Aren’t all the neologisms of social media WONDERFUL? Who knew that “to friend” could be a verb? In the old days, like 2024 and prior, we used the more conventional “to befriend.” Ah well, time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana.

    This is not to suggest that you sign up for a Facebook account in order to follow Kat and Mike.

    In the flock of twitterers that I follow are these interesting, funny, or (seriously) serious people:

    You don’t have to sign up for a twitter account to follow these people, but why not do it anyway?

    And here is the main course of my Follow Friday, the blogs. Forget about tweet streams and friend lists. Focus on some good writing. The kind that can’t be packed into a 140 character tweet. Read these bloggers:
    Suzy of Luminiferous Ether (or “spacegoo” for short)
    Cinderbelle, Quaker Fruit Salad and/or Ramblings of a Ringtail
    Tom Matrullo, Improprieties
    Jon Lebkowsky at Weblogsky

    That’s all for now. And it’s still Friday here in the Middle Earth.

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