Who is that woman and why is she following me on twitter?

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  • by Frank Paynter on December 28, 2024

    Diagram by Phillip Lenssen

    Theme music by Jonathan Coulton

    Toolan, a former New York bank executive, wore black, tasseled loafers, a dark suit, and a red-striped tie as he walked in shackles from the Police Department to court. Hounded by reporters, he said nothing before, during, or after the hearing.

    I’m guessing he lost the job after killing the girlfriend. [UPDATE: Turns out he lost the job after attempting to steal an $80,000 piece of statuary. Just a prank he claimed, but you know how stuffy those banks can be.) None of this speaks directly to the question at hand.

    In more recent Massachusetts news, and perhaps a non sequitur, but you know how it is:

    Representatives of the company, whose website spotlights prized milk-producing cows named Cindy and Abby, did not return phone messages last night. A recording on the answering machine at the Whittier Farms retail store in West Sutton featured a woman saying, "we are presently closed. We will be addressing the [state] press release shortly. The information to date is inconclusive, and we will address the issues as soon as possible.”

    Maybe this bug we have isn’t a cold after all. Maybe it’s listeriosis. Damned organic dairies.

    Returning now to the question of that woman, I’ve decided it doesn’t really matter who she is or why she decided to follow me. I think I’ll simply block her. All her Burmese Buddhist tweets creeped me out. “Crept?”

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