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22nd October 2007

Entrepreneurial and Venture Capitalist Spirit

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I’ve been in touch with my son in San Diego and he is safe and sound. In the spirit of venture capitalism, I have volunteered to provide him a rental truck if he will drive north into the evacuated areas and pick up abandoned electronic equipment. I am almost sure there is a law of the sea or some such that permits this kind of salvage operation. Given the proximity of Silicon Valley to the devastated areas, I think he will want to start tonight in order to get a jump on all those entrepreneurs who are even now launching their own Looter 2.0 efforts. We will be ready to go public by the time they have hitched up trailers to all those leased Beamers and started the caravan down the five.

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  1. 1 On October 24th, 2024, Brian Hayes said:

    There’s a special method you should pass on to help maximize the gross revenue from Santa Anna’s burnt electronics. In the Oakland Hills fire, they called it ’skiving’ - to skive.

    By taking an edge of flexible steel, not a rigid pocket knife but the bendy blade in Martha’s kitchen, you can scrape up the pricey metals melted on the floor and leave the gobs of cheap solder and plastic behind. Of course, a quick jab with a hatchet works too.

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