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  • Search the tag IS2K7 for better information on UNIVERSITY – Knowledge Beyond Authority. Highpoints for me were: listening to Nicholas Negroponte, Charles Ogletree, and John Palfrey; a workshop with Anne Margulies; and, meeting Ethan Zuckerman, Cathy Norton and Jessamyn West. I was glad to see a couple of friends, and frustrated by my own outsiderness at a gathering of insiders. I was left with a gloomy sense that nothing I can do will influence the academic publishers to adopt better business models.

    Doc Searls wrote an upbeat post yesterday. I hope I have more to say later after I get home. Right now I’m fighting with a hotel connection and that’s my excuse for this crappy post.


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      Hey man, saw you all over at the conference. Don’t be gloomy!

      I wrote up my own report here, maybe check it out?

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