Did McAfee clobber my Firefox?

This computer came with a McAfee license and McAfee has been bullying me since the first time I turned the machine on. I just took an automatic download of this highly touted security software and now Firefox doesn’t work. I uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled the latest and greatest version and it still doesn’t work. I turned off all the “personal firewall” hoot on McAfee and it still doesn’t work. I hesitate to uninstall the entire McAfee package, because frankly the licensing nuances escape me and I don’t have any media here to reinstall from. Woe is me.

UPDATE:  I blew away the accursed McAfee software and I now I have my Firefox and IE browsers back.

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  1. Winston says:

    McAfee and Norton have both become so big and heavy and intrusive that I call them crapware. With my customers, I have refused to use them for the last couple of years. But just today I saw this identical situation, except McAfee screwed IE. Finally disabled all of McAfee in SERVICES and everything was fine. Re-enabled the anti-virus parts but left firewall components disabled, and still OK. Tomorrow we do what the customer should have done in the first place — blow away McAfee and install AVG, which has a small footprint, costs less, is less intrusive, and it works. Trend Micro also good.

  2. dwonload AVG for virus and firewall
    Kill McCaffee c o m p l e t e l y
    If you have the ‘suite’, an oxymoron of the first water, you may have to check their site to determine removal order, as they are just as bad a norton is in removal.

    Install TOR, remove cookie settings and remove links to IE anywhere on your desktop.
    disable Active X, .net and anything MS Live.
    D/L thunderbird for email
    Remove Media Player.
    D/L VLC Media Player

    Once you have done that move to linux.



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