The local NBC affiliate has an “Unsung Heroes” feature on the nightly news. Last night World War II combat infantryman Bill Paynter was featured. They took him through a little silliness showing off the scars that are older than I am, but all-in-all I thought it was a nice segment and I am very proud of Dad, not for surviving the machine guns, but just for who he is. The NBC Channel 15 link has rotted. See the update below for a Quicktime version, and thanks to the vid savvy friend who recorded it for me.


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5 comments on “Dad
  1. Tree Shapiro says:

    Link is fucked already. I was looking forward to watching this. YouTube, maybe?

  2. Winston says:

    Link worked early Saturday. Yes, nice coverage. Glad some of the local stations still do human interest (like, what other species would be interested?) stories and that they feature people like your Dad who truly were heroes.

    You are so obviously just a chip off the old block…

    Interesting shirt he chose for the interview.

  3. “Interesting shirt.” Winston, I thought so too. Knowing dad, it was his clean one.

    Tree, I found my way in this morning this way:

    On their home page look to right and you will see a “Webcast Headlines” player. Below that player is a scroll box of still images. Scroll through there until you find a shoulder shot of a relaxed old bald/white headed guy in a white short-sleeved shirt with an “interesting” pattern. Click on that and it brings the 2 minute clip up into the “Webcast headlines” player.

  4. madame l. says:

    He’s something! He looks fantastic. Was that shirt a gift from you? Waves a white flag, then fires? Zee Germans. Sung hero now. JMo Must see this.

  5. A friend with skillz trapped it in Quicktime and Ich will safe it um das Web, all vier punkt sechs megonbittens von ihnen.



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