All the noose that’s fits…

Mike Golby weighs in. Thanks Mike.

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3 comments on “All the noose that’s fits…
  1. jeneane says:

    best headline of the entire debacle.

    you know, now is probably the time for me to say that when I saw the original noose post, which was not threatening from a ‘word’ perspective, being that it compared the “threatee” to Oprah and called her something like sweet based on a comment said threatee had left on another blog — wait THIS blog I think — asking for attention, I saw the noose post (before the comment) as a gag ME statement by the poster, not a gag HER statement aimed at the ‘threatee.’ In other words: shoot me, hang me, gag me, oye veh. Not: oooo you’re in trouble cute kitty.

    anyway, just thought i’d add that since you took old noose and made it new again.

    now excuse me while i go practice being all badass.

  2. I liked my “bloggers code of corndog” tag too.

  3. Mike Golby says:

    Y’re welcome, ol’ chum. An’ I dig badass Jeneane. But everybody knows that.

    I have a new ‘puter, Frank, but it’s taking some time for me to settle in. How does one blog *and* live a meaningful life?

    And get free coffee, chicks, and good music?

    All and any advice gratefully accepted. Mail to clocke at panix dot com.

    Mind you, he’s got wheels again. I remember RB and Selene riding the long road into Boulder — a wonderful description of it…

    …but I digress. Let me go and ask Wendy what I was doing.



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