Junk in the Trunk

twittered by chris pirillo… thanx chris

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2 comments on “Junk in the Trunk
  1. Tree Shapiro says:

    Paynter, you sexist, racist asshole! I demand a public apology from ALL involved! You and your posse of middle aged, self-loathing underachievers have overstepped the line this time. You are NOT my friend.

    i’m sticking this minty shit on the pod as we speak. i’ll twitter you from the dog track. believe me when i tell you, oh, that i can flame you in far less than 140 characters, baby. Lady Lumps is running in the 6th. i can feel it. run like the fucking wind Lady Lumps, my swift bitch, my canine queen.

  2. Don’t call me middle-aged, you ageist bitch. I am elderly.

    (less than 60 char.)



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