Torching the barcalounger…

Look at this lovely nest of vipers and anti-fascist pinko ne’er-do-wells I uncovered whilst idly wandering my trail o’ links. They seem to be in league with the great Euro-satan. Probably the ones who have been leaving those hentai links in my comments. I’ve already sent off a note to Alberto about them. Not much chance that Rumsfeld will return my niece, but I might get a nice bonus in next month’s gas ration.

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2 comments on “Torching the barcalounger…
  1. Support for a positive politics exists along a continuum and there is always someone doing much more. That doesn’t negate what you’re doing, have done and will continue to do. Sometimes good faith is all you can ask. You’ve given much more.

    Furthermore, while I’m confident in most of the measures I use to determine the productive and counterproductive, I want to keep in mind that I may be wrong or even batshit crazy.

    Now Frank, with all that said, I really do have to insist that you endorse my sciurophobia. I’ve got a barcalounger here and I mean business. You wouldn’t want to be called objectively-pro torching, would you?

  2. In moments of moral indecision, I always ask myself, “What would Molly do?” Or, “What WMD?” Molly, of course, is my ethically informed and morally superior doggy, and she brings clarity to the issues you raise. When challenged by the presence of any member of the family Sciuridae, Molly gives chase. Note, she does not flee nor does she potter about in neurotic indecision. No, she sends those sciurids straight up a tree and keeps them there with ferocious barking.

    We can all learn a lesson from this, I think.



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