7th October 2006

Jeneane versus the New York Times

Jeneane tops the Times in this clip from David’s Maastricht keynote. This is the bloggo-omphalo analysis… are you an innie linker or an outie? The New York Times is an innie. Jeneane is an outie:

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7th October 2006

best viewed in baskerville 10

when I read this, with little liza jane playing in the background, my first inclination was to cop some Klimt and post it… Danae probably, that face, the curves, beautiful ripe young womanhood with a shower of gold coins. Klimt totally tops Titian in the Danae dept.

I remember the good old days, when I was Zeus…

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7th October 2006


William Meloney writes poetry. I like it. His imagery, his presence, his vision, his style… it’s a brave thing to share from the heart. “Adrift” begins…

Sitting alone, except for the
insistent cat at my ankles,
across the dayroom, through
the open door
I watched my father sleep.

This blog, 2Voices, is like the jeweler’s black velvet display cloth, strewn with a half dozen or so precious gems.

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7th October 2006

Condoleezza Rice evades charges over 9/11

Bill Van Auken writes,

The fixation of both official Washington and the mainstream media on the emails of Congressman Mark Foley (Republican of Florida) and the Republican House leadership’s cover-up of his pursuit of teenage male pages has served to divert public attention from a far more significant cover-up of a far greater crime.

The Foley story has highlighted the official corruption and hypocrisy that characterize the political establishment as a whole in America. The spectacle of a party that has made “family values” its battle cry and sought to exploit homophobia and religious backwardness for political ends being caught up in such a scandal has undoubted popular appeal.

For the Democrats, it provides a useful political club, without compelling this second party of corporate America to advance a single substantive difference with the Republicans on domestic or foreign policy.

But the time and resources—not to mention prurient interest—that the media has devoted to the exposure of Foley’s emails and instant messages stand in sharp contrast to its virtual silence on the revelations—first reported September 28, the same day that the emails from Foley surfaced on ABC News—in the new book by Bob Woodward, State of Denial.

read the rest of Van Auken’s piece here.

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