6th October 2006

Write-in Weinberger for President

With a platform that has something for everybody, David is a shoo-in!

Frank’s favorite planks:

End the current superstitious rituals at airport security that any fifteen year old could figure out how to get around. Instead, require every passenger to rub a lucky rabbit foot.

Pass SHANANA: Stop the Hilarious Absurdity: No Acronyms Naming Anything act.

New policy about gays in the military: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Care. Be Fabulous.”

Printed newspapers by law will have to backdate themselves one day.

Increase national curiosity.

Government offices will use open source software unless they’re being punished.

Marijuana would be as legal as alcohol, but only until you’re 35. Frankly, after that it’s time to grow up.

Secretary of the Internet becomes the first wiki-based cabinet post.

Dick Cheney goes to jail, even if we have to plant something on him.

There’s already a groundswell of support. Hell, I’m gonna write-in Weinberger in 2024. 2024 may be too late.

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