Mulling the problems of participation, I found myself on a sign-up screen for Second Life.  World of Warcraft doesn’t do a thing for me, but the Second Life approach provides a dynamic that could suck me in.

It isn’t free.  The Linden Lab people aren’t in it for their health.  Or mine.  And there is a huge health issue associated with online games.  If television is an energy drain that vacuums real life out of a room, then the interactivity of online gaming is a black hole.

Jeneane seems to be thinking about wading into Second Life and I’ve been following her everywhere for years.

Accelerating Change 2004 put the game on my radar, and in 2005 they showed incredible advances in networked interactivity.  Cory Ondrejka was giving the kids free tastes out behind the school…

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One comment on “Participation
  1. Brian says:

    That looks like the ultimate time sucking monster. I’m staying well clear of it.

    But I can hear it calling me … like one o’ them there Sigh-reens …

    “You and me and the Devil makes three…” ”



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