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    I’ll catch the content of Stewart and Colbert’s performance on the tube. Meanwhile, I found it odd that so many people brought their dogs but none brought their kitties. Geraldo Rivera suggests that this represents a lack of diversity in the sanity movement.

    Rivera’s contention is absurd. There was enormous canine diversity, inclusive of even this little fellow, dressed seasonally in his shark suit.

    Diversity? Heck, there were even Ninja Turtles representing…

    … and a certain black, tri-colored Aussie. Molly, does your mom know where you are tonight?

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    5 comments on “I went for the context
    1. tamarika says:

      I was watching you all, Frank! What a great day!

    2. joared says:

      Enjoyed your photos. Son phoned to remind me about this sanity event, so once again watched live streaming video. Didn’t know you were there. Especially liked the video segment and Stewart’s wrap-up comments — can only hope those who needed to hear his words were listening.

    3. Rain says:

      I enjoyed your take on it and the photos. I just hope enough people will get the message, right or left, about sanity being the road not insanity. It’s great you went!

    4. Thanks for the nice comments. I have dozens of pictures and lots of impressions that I want to share later this week, but I’m all wound up with the election too! More later…

    5. Roberta says:

      of course there were no cats; they don’t like to leave the house, unless they’re in charge of the expedition!



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