Weekend Bobcat

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    3 comments on “Weekend Bobcat
    1. Don Harvey says:

      Hi Frank. Thanks for the self help tips. I’ve been trying to get a full 10 hours of sleep but lately my Mensa meetings have been running late. And I’m at the level where I have to go around apologizing to all the people I may have offended in any former uncontrolled supercilious moments. I suppose I shouldn’t miss so many meetings but the neighborhoods have been getting progressively worse. I find myself depending more and more on my sponsor lately.

      Oh, and now that I’ve got your attention, remember that time years ago when I demolished your theory about where babies come from? Sorry buddy. Really I am. But, like it or not, the truth hurts!

      • Do you geniuses still meet in the library basement? I’ll bet the coffee is as bad as it ever was. I offered to buy the group an espresso machine; but, sadly even bribery wouldn’t get me in. Whatever. I think the whole “Friends of Albert” thing is a little twee. Maybe that’s just sour grapes.
        * * *
        If I was you I’d ditch the sponsor and get an iPhone.
        * * *
        Also, your story about where babies come from was gross. I remain convinced that my mom would never have permitted any of that, and that my delivery was by parcel post air mail via stork just as she told me it was. Apology NOT accepted!

    2. Don Harvey says:

      OK. You win.



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