New York Times and the Fonz Endorse Obama

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  • by Frank Paynter on October 23, 2024

    Andy and Opie, Richie and the Fonz, former Bush press secretary Scott McClellan and the editorial board of the New York Times today endorsed Obama.

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    Kathy Haemmerle 10.23.08 at 10:18

    Why do you all think we care what you think politically or otherwise? You are doing more harm than good for Barack.

    Mike Golby 10.24.08 at 1:09

    You’s just like that sick m—- f—- Worthington socialist, Frank Painter. You another one what laughs at retards and crippels and NASCAR. Wehn the true American hero John McClain lives in the White House we gonna use our zecutive powers to hang you right up there on the Rose Garden flagpole with Worthington and that uppity bastid socialist commie nigga and all the uther intelekshul socialists. So FU praise the Lord. yeah.

    Mike Golby 10.24.08 at 1:11

    I’m serious, Frank Painter. We ain’t gonna fergit you, Frank Painter. You and all those uther commie bastids I kin see from ma front porch over there when Putin rears his ugly head. You jus’ wait.

    Frank Paynter 10.24.08 at 2:18

    You southerners are all alike.

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