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  • Black-on-black violence: how does the community at large respond? This video, from the award winning blog What About Our Daughters, provides a clue.

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    1. Frank’s making up for lost time, with a vengeance. Heh.

      I have a few issues with this bit. One, just like racism, Black-on-Black crime as an issue in an of itself, in the general, isn’t particularly new/startling and neither is its underreportage. In that respect Dunbar isn’t unique. There’s lots of Dunbar situations littered about the country (and I’ll bet loads Dunbar isn’t even unique in Florida).

      That Blackfolk are more or less dog-eat-dog animals who attack each other isn’t news, that’s commonplace knowledge. Overt racist sentencing (omg “in this day and age!?) is “news” if there’s enough momentum behind it.

      The video suggests Sharpton, Jackson et al don’t say anything about Black-on-Black crime. It’s not true at all. However it’s not a big stretch to think MSM avoids stuff like this with a 50ft pole cuz it gets (Black) folk up in arms re agendas etc. and who needs that grief, right? Plus, there’s no quick, easy fix; no sentencing that, with the stroke of a pen, resolves the consternation.

      In the world of MSM it’s all about not embarrassing your “sponsors.” Don’t go into a story unless there’s a clear, easy exit/take away.

      (aside: polls aren’t just for politicians, they let the MSM know who they can attack and how strongly)

      The video also suggests all or most of the 700 calls were from raped women. This is unnecessarily disengenuous. In fact, the tack is kinda gross.

      Which leads me to feel like this is a bit of none-too-subtle engineering by a nutter. Not to deflate the cause, but there’s enough no-brainer stuff out there to take issue with.



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