Anti-war Students for the Defederalization of the National Guard

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  • On Wednesday, September 26, 2024 a demonstration will begin at 2PM in the Library Mall at the University of Wisconsin — Madison. Demonstrators will march up State Street to the Capitol and return Josh Gaines’ military service metals to the Governor.

    Josh Gaines is an Iraq War Veteran. He will return his Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and National Defense Service Medal to Gov. Jim Doyle.

    Protesters will be calling for the de-federalization of the Wisconsin National Guard. Organizers believe it is in the best interest of the country that the National Guard remain in the U.S.A. for use in disaster relief and border control.

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    4 comments on “Anti-war Students for the Defederalization of the National Guard
    1. joshua a. gaines says:

      Actually i will be returning my medals back to Donald Rumsfeld at the Hoover institution.

    2. Chuck says:

      Three days prior to claiming that he was mailing his ribbons to former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, a Former soldier tries to give them to his governor in protest.

      Too bad this moron didn’t realize that he served in the Reserves before being discharged under “other than honorable” circumstances for drug use, and did not serve in the National Guard, therefore his chain of command did not include his governor.

      If this idiot didn’t understand his own chain of command, how could he understand the complexities of decisions made levels above him? He is simply another pawn that the lunatic left will use while they can, and then discard, when he is no longer useful.

    3. According to the Army Times Mr. Gaines received an “other than honorable discharge.” In the same article we read:

      Ryan Hill, 29, who served with Gaines in Iraq, said Gaines was always challenging Army superiors and “he kept us cracking up.”

      “He did his job and did his best and was a team player and all that but that’s the thing that makes him stand out,” he said.

      As for Gaines’ decision to return his medals, Hill said: “I’m proud of him for doing that. I feel the same way about my medals.”

    4. Scruggs says:

      Josh Gaines, 27, plans to mail the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and National Defense Service Medal to former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. He said he will do so during a protest scheduled for Wednesday in Madison.

      Chuck, the only ‘complexities’ are the layers of hysterical self-importance and involuted, sanctimonious rationalizations of the pro-war visionaries. Huffing their own fumes has taken a sad toll.



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