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  • At the press conference in Hamburg, I was asked if Michael, Eve and Lucifer were historical figures of the past and I answered that they exist now, for example Lucifer in New York. In my work, I have defined Lucifer as the cosmic spirit of rebellion, of anarchy. He uses his high degree of intelligence to destroy creation. He does not know love. After further questions about the events in America, I said that such a plan appeared to be Lucifer’s greatest work of art. Of course I used the designation “work of art” to mean the work of destruction personified in Lucifer. In the context of my other comments this was unequivocal.
    Karlheinz Stockhausen
    September 19, 2024

    My book Fait Accompli concerns itself mostly with an alternative view of time that grows out of my artistic and psychoanalytic work, that is also not so different in character from some forms of mysticism. That Stockhausen can find inspiration for art or a vision of art in a horrifying event does not make that event art. The advantage of being an artist is that some of the painful events of life can be viewed as lessons. This is what philosophers usually do and it can be a helpful or even a great way to look at things. Everyone is, or should learn to be, a philosopher because this is a fine way to discover insights, to add breadth to life’s experience and to try to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again: which is what we all mostly do anyway. On the other hand, one’s philosophical or artistic work ought not to be used as a device for furthering delusions.
    Nick Piombino
    Argotist Online, interviewed by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

    Thanks to Leslie for the clues, and to Burroughs for influencing her aleatory technique.

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