Sunday Link Giving on a Thursday this week…

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  • Dave Winer says he’d like to be back in the Technorati top 100, pointing out that he was number one when the game began. I’d like to help him out.

    Doc Searls is into his schtick today, providing supernova conference viewpoints like only Doc can do: playing David to Nathan Myhrvold’s Goliath, dishing on Myhrvold’s patent trolling.

    David Weinberger, my favorite A-lister, also blogs from supernova and provides a different view of the rooms from Doc’s.

    Shelley Powers, my favorite stealth A-lister, is blogging as usual from her center. I regret not making the time to stalk her and meet her face to face in St. Louis this weekend. Maybe next time I’ll have the gumption to call and offer to buy her lunch.

    Seth Finkelstein, my favorite should-be-an-A-lister, takes a close look at the Britannica blog’s recent link baiting behavior.

    Karen Schneider visits that topic too, and presents us with a cute lolcat (“I has interliberry loan”) as well.

    Meanwhile, the consensus is that this week Susan Crawford put an end to telecom regulatory policy confusion and we’d all be smart to listen to her.

    I have shied away from linking A-listers in general on these weekly lists. I can’t remember when the last time I linked Dave or Doc might have been. Partly I do that to avoid other people I respect, like Seth, from thinking I’m a suck-up. But today I wanted to suck-up a little for a couple of good reasons. One, it’s stupid not to link to the people I read most frequently, like Dave, David, and Doc. And two, I thought it appropriate because Chris Locke, my favorite blogger and one of my favorite writers, isn’t writing much these days because he’s sick. I thought a little link baiting might draw attention to his situation. Leave a comment if you’re moved to help and I’ll write you back and tell you how.

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    2 comments on “Sunday Link Giving on a Thursday this week…
    1. Jon Husband says:

      right .. we’re all so PC (politically correct) about who we link to in case someone else thinks we are being sycophantic or caving in to sdomething or other. I too am often overly-conscious of that when I really should be concentrating solely on the content. Not that it matters much, given the volume of traffic on my country dirt road of a blog.

      As soon as I find my lost wallet (true), I will be doing my bit to help RB along .. Jeneane has already let me know how best to do so.

    2. Here in the USA we’ve been navel gazing about health care while people suffer from the destruction of what was once a decent public health system. It’s more than an embarrassment, it’s a crime.



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