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    I want to join the Well just to shout BOLINAS, BOLINAS, BOLINAS!  That whole “town that wants to remain anonymous” crap is so cloying and stupid.  There’s good dope in Bolinas, and dopes too I must say.  If you’re ever engaged in something meaningful in West Marin, like a trip to the Audubon Canyon Ranch, [...]

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    “Let us paint our faces and speak Helium to the dusk”

    Enjoy poetry?   Then click on over to Ray Sweatman’s place and immerse yourself in what he has shared with us this month.

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    It’s the essay, ese

    Yesterday’s mail brought an important message from David Isenberg posted here on his blog. This is some really meaty information and deserves a thorough read before comment. When you get there skim down the through the prefatory matter, pause to relish the anecdote about the sailing captain who “got” steam so well that he mounted [...]

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