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    Electric bassoon for minimalist krautrocker ensemble.  Inquire care of this blog.

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    Happy Birthday Malcolm X

    Malcolm would have been 82 today. …via rethabile masilo [tags]Malcolm X[/tags]

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    Laying a bummer on the phone survey dude…

    So he was all, “Does anybody in your house use tobacco products?”  And I said, “No way.  Do you know ANYBODY who uses tobacco products?” “Well I do,” he says. “No WAY!  That shit costs as much as GASOLINE .” “Well, I’m calling from Oregon and it’s five dollars a pack out here.” “Whoa!  it [...]

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    We’ve had a little nostalgia trip here and here and impressions of Bill Graham emerged in the conversation. Part of what informed Graham’s public persona was the fierce competitive nature he projected. Watch the guy playing charades… [tags]Lisa Nova, Graham Crackers[/tags]

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