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  • Happy Birthday Jess!

    Cake courtesy zefrank gallery Cake! It’s what we let them eat. Cake! Gimme some of that Gimme some of that Home grown, way down home, yeah! Uh ha, uh ha, ho, yeah Gimme some of that, whew! Cake… I love cake! Mr. Mastodon Farm, Mr. Mastodon Farm, Cuts swatches out of all material. Mr. Mastodon [...]

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    the shill takes a hike

    Harry McCracken resigned his job as Editor-in-Chief of PC World a week ago because Colin Crawford, the CEO, tried to kill a story about Apple and Steve Jobs. In a decisive reversal and what sounds like a score for the good guys, Crawford has been bumped to a strategic planning role and McCracken is back. [...]

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