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  • Travelocity lesson…

    I booked a flight and a hotel through Travelocity.   I had to cancel the trip.  I’m prepared for the penalty associated with re-booking the ticket for another flight another day.  What I hadn’t counted on was the over twenty minutes on hold (so far) that I would experience trying to cancel the hotel reservation through [...]

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    Gates and Portals

    The speculation about a Yahoo/Microsoft merger is delicious. Scott Rosenberg, comparing the deal with the Time Warner/AOL buy-out before the Clinton speculative bubble burst, says: Acquisitions at this scale virtually never lead to useful combinations, strategic synergies, or anything else of use. They are financial engineering. What’s happening with this one is pretty simple: Microsoft [...]

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    Filibuster for peace

    Procedurally the best hope we have of moving away from all the “common ground” rhetoric and getting on with finding a satisfactory solution. Sign the Filibuster for Peace petition here. We the undersigned call on each and every United States Senator to participate in a filibuster to end the war in Iraq. It only takes [...]

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