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  • Kat Herding has pushed me over the edge. Or maybe Halley did it. Whatever. Today is the day I’ve vowed to put aside my self destructive bingeing on ze Frank shows and old Tick cartoons and focus, focus on STYLE! So here is my very own stylin’ link-o-rama. It contains images of Paris Hilton and discussions of Britney Spears’ inability to exit a car gracefully without flashing her panties if she’s wearing them. It contains rare introspective meditations on whence cometh the college fashion bloggers, and a concern that this college fashion blogging trend may be diluting the fashion blogging brand. It contains a rare opportunity to examine the variety of Web 2.0 advertising gizmos that style-mantrapreneurs have foisted on a super-saturated market, a survey from Glam-Ads to Stylefeeder, from Style Hive to Style Root. Does all this seem oh so 2024 to you? It should.

    Style IT

    Almost Girl: Where Plato and Prada Meet


    Star Style Salon


    Tickle me Emo (This is my favorite link, both for the information it delivers and the echo of the comments on a recent Christmas miracle in formerly Nazi occupied France…. If that virgin mary baguette is actually crying then it could be sold on eBay for an incredible sum, and it might cure warts too. Or at least skin tags.)

    The rash of celebrities flashing their nether regions worries Peter Post, director of the Emily Post Institute of etiquette and manners.

    “My concern is the impressionability of young people,” he said. “I think that some young people are going to say, ‘Wow, if Britney Spears and Paris Hilton can do that, I wonder if I can do that.'”

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