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  • The public relations firm of Shout, Louder, & Lye announced this morning that Kat Herding has joined the stylish ranks of Web 2.0 social marketeers.

    Jeneane Sessum, SL&L Chief Authenticity Officer, predicts top TechMeme, TechCrunch, Technorati, TechnoBabble, and TechnoRabble results for the lipstick laden lassie. “Our SEO algorithms are exceeded only by our ability to generate massive buzz,” Ms. Sessum said. Ms. Sessum has years of industry experience dating back to the early days at WOMMA where she was honorary Yenta-in-Chief. It’s also rumored that Ms. Herding and Amanda Chapel have scheduled a mud wrestling competition this afternoon at Vickie’s place in LA. Justin Timberlake will referee.

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    4 comments on “Welcome Kathleen Herding
    1. Thanks for the buzz, pal! Those two web pros have gotten our blog site off to a good start, and with Kat telling our story, well, we look forward to starting off with a bang!

      Stop by and have some java with us when you’re in town, Frank. I’ll show you around some of the finer establishments!


    2. I’ll kick her ass.


      – Amanda

    3. Kat Herding says:

      Ooooh, Frankie! If you drop out to the shop, I have a little something to show you, you bad boy.

    4. This is so wildly anarchy and I love it.

      Who the hell ever came up with the oxymoron (a hydromoron?) “Word of Mouth Marketing”?

      That is a mutually exclusive, self-deconstructing, auto-nihilistic term. Word of Mouth by definition and logic means only: spontaneous, uncoached, non-incentivized, unscripted, uncompensated product usage reports from one trusted user to another [potential and curious] user.

      Anyway, Kat is the Real Deal and Jeremy is her Puppet Master Par Excellance. Since Kat is fantastic and Jeremy is okay sometimes (except when he says bosses of either sex can be “hot”, a highly irregular point of view for a normal male employee), I’d hate to see her manipulated by some unimaginative team like what Lonelygirl15 had.

      It didn’t help that Lonelygirl15 was an Aleister Crowley devotee, but that’s a Mystic Boourgeoisie issue I’ll let the experts handle.

      I’ve blogged about Kat Herding and linked to her site, but Technorati has not had its Starbucks blast apparently, since I don’t see my blog listed in Who Links to This Blog.

      That’s sad.



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