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  • I have no kittens handy to smooch, but I am told that a kitten kiss might add data regarding my concern about whether or not Bill Bates actually collected after I carelessly lost my soul to him in a chess game in the Rathskellar in 1966.

    Regarding AKMA: his little book, “WTF is Pomo Bib-crit, Yo?” provides enjoyment and frustration and has a place of honor in the WC beside the throne. Rather than chew on all the particularities that frustrate me, I think I will wait until I’m finished to decide whether or not it’s been good for me. Sitting in the rumpled sheets, smoking a forbidden Pall Mall, it will be obvious whether or not I’ve ultimately found satisfaction. So far I disagree with much of what I’ve read, but I want to be sure that I express my disagreement without being generally disagreeable. I’m reading a companion volume, “Posers and Hosers: Nietzsche’s Flying Monkeys.” It too has a lot to say about the masturbatory ivory tower efforts of intellectual cowards, arrivistes, and ignorant tools during the last half of the twentieth century. Perhaps I’ll be able to review the two together and demonstrate an interesting contrapuntal motif in the quest to bury the modern and assure some personal authenticity in the competition for post World War 2 big-School funding, tenure and business class travel perks on the lecture circuit. AKMA’s broad brush outlines a modern era that stretches back 500 years. A lot of guys my age think it happened in 1928. There’s probably some room for compromise and adjustment. More later.

    The important news today is that Jeneane Sessum has been muzzled by Google for accepting an anti-porn ad on her Blogger blog.

    Free Allied! Death to the monolithic server farm that eschews basic principles of human decency and technical support!

    You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.
    — Freddy-N

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