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  • The schwag bag at Blogher is better than xmas. Santa never brought me condoms. It’s a writers conference, a creators conference with none of the pretensions of the tech-club . Unlike the BloggerCons, BlogHer strikes right at the heart of blogging… it’s about the bloggers and their work. I’m sitting here with ae (arsepoetica), Melinda (Sour Duck), Glennia (silent i) and Candace (Femilicious).

    On the other hand, right now on stage there are a couple of Microsoft fembots doing a presentation that is so “oh my gosh” that it makes me want to puke. But that’s just me, I’m sure.

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    7 comments on “Change my world…
    1. madame l. says:

      blow that condom up like a balloon and start tapping it around the crowd.

    2. Shelley says:

      Hee, I like what madame l had to say…that will disrupt the marketing presentation.

    3. Microsoft FemBots?
      I called them basement cupcakes when I used to go to Microsoft Tech Meetings.

      Afe they still clones of each other with the file marks on the top of their heads where they were plucked from the fembot tree and are they hiding the keywind mechanism better?

    4. Sprue. The sprue still shows where they were busted out of the plastic compression mold. In fairness, they are simply people with a job to do. I’d rather scrub toilets for a living, but I understand that these folks are simply doing a wage slave job for massa Bill.

      Re. the condoms… didn’t want to get nonoxynol-9 in my system, so left them in their frighteningly feminine foil wrapper.

    5. I got up and left the room, went to the bathroom, banged around the lobby for a while, fiddled with coffee and cream, and returned only to find – blow me! – they were still doing going on…

      As I said to ae, it was like something out of “The Apprentice”.

    6. Glennia says:

      It was great to meet you! Thanks for explaining who everyone was. I agree with the person sitting on the other side of you who said we need to get some billionaire benefactor to pony up some money next year to BlogHer so that they don’t need the commercials. Sergey & Larry?? Cough up a $100K and let the BlogHers get down to business. The speakers from the floor were great.

      Hope to see you next year.

    7. ae says:

      Really happy to meet you, Frank. And thanks for listing our blogs, because I missed meeting Glennia. (Hi, Glennia.) Let’s hope the benevolent millionaire comes through for us, so we can avoid future fembot follies!

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