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  • Recorded with the world’s suckiest microphone… my 16 seconds of fame.

    My recording may be akin to Beavis and Butthead playing Bell and Watson, but all-in-all I think Odeo is simple to use and very flexible. I’m not exactly a high tech weenie, but the fact is, I dug around, found an old beige mic from some long dead PC, plugged it in, recorded and posted a brief audio file in a few minutes. While horsing around I saw that Odeo also supports telephone file creation, meaning that I can probably get a better recording off the cell than I can off this funky dixie cup on a string arrangement. Quite exciting really, and I owe it all to pouty Mike Arrington of TechHunch who thought he’d be snarky about Odeo today.

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    3 comments on “Audio from Odeo…
    1. Winston says:

      Needs work…

    2. Winston says:

      …but it is more than I have done…

    3. ralph says:

      You do, indeed, have the suckiest microphone the world has ever seen. 🙂

      You might consider putting a small piece of foam in front of it to stop those lovely popping p’s. Or just put it to the side of your mouth when you speak rather than speaking directly in to it.



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