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  • Denise Howell and Reed Smith have parted ways. But she took her chair with her. When I read Denise’s post yesterday, I thought I would just sit with the information and read it again before mulling it over here, publicly. Ernie the Attorney zeroed in on the news and isolated this bit, where Denise says,

    my professional roadmap henceforth will involve only things that are washed through a stringent “how much do I really love that?” filter

    Denise always had a stiff upper lip about the time she was spending in the commute from Orange County to downtown LA. I think the iPod was invented for her.  I’m sure that she won’t mind reclaiming those hours to spend with young Tyler.

    One outcome of Denise’s retreat to the home office that I’d like to see would be for her to turn her prodigious writing skills to a book, perhaps with an emphasis on “work-life balance!”

    The coastal-tech-libertarian-enterpreneurial community will be eager to tie her down with some venture capital. I hope she can steer clear of their pouty, self-aggrandizing, greedball clutches. What the world DOESN’T need now is another cute Web 2.0 product with missing e’s in its name.

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